We are an extension of your company!

Utilizing our engineering and product development team we can multiply your current product offerings in a fraction of the time! By utilizing our insourcing, coupled with our CAD quality control standards, we are able to cut lead-times in project development cycles by up to 85%.

Core Competencies

Plastics Molding: Rotational, Injection, Blow, Thermoform and Extrusion Molding

Tube Bending: Mandrel Bending

CNC Machining: 3-Axis and 5-Axis Titanium, Aluminum and Steel Machining

Laser Scanning: Single Red Laser, 11 +1 Blue Line Laser Scanning: +/- .0009in Measurement Resolution

Reverse Engineering: Complete Mesh Scan-to-CAD Model Capability

Aluminum Casting: Sand, Investment, Gravity and High-Pressure Die Casting

Modeling and Design: Solidworks Premium CAD Modeling

Finite Element Analysis: Ansys Mechanical for Structural Modeling

Stainless and Non-Ferrous Investment Casting

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